Media based educational training for the youth

© Wolfgang J. Fischer
© Wolfgang J. Fischer

"Sustainable education relates to a promotion of key competencies such as emotional, social and media competencies. A sustainable mediapedagogical approach therefore needs to underscore participation and empowerment through activation of creative resources in combination with educational content and values. Naturally intercultural projects should always put an emphasis on promoting democracy and international understanding."    





conceptual development, planinng and realization of (Bi- and multilateral) mediapedagogical projects with children and young people aged between 8 and 18.

qualification trainings for educators and multipliers


competence trainings

- media competence (film, radio, photography, editorial management eg internet blogging)

- journalism skills

- reading-, language competencies

- intercultural competence

- emotional and social competencies



millennium development goals

promotion of democracy and international understanding


children and human rights




project examples/ references

© Wolfgang J. Fischer
© Wolfgang J. Fischer




Media-pedagogical workshops in various cities in Morocco. Capacity buildng for intercultural competence, democracy, international understanding, environmental knowledge and peace. Radio- and video production.


"Nous sommes le futur du Maroc" ist ein Demokratieförderungs- und Bildungsprojekt, dass darauf abzielt in Marokko extracurriculare Aktivitäten an Schulen und Heimen von Waisen- und Strassenkindern im Kontext von Völkerverständigung aber auch zu konkreten Themen wie Wasser- und Umweltschutz, Frieden, Religion und Kultur sowie Kinderrechten usw. zu realisieren.

Im hier visuell dargestellten Projekteinsatzort Taroudant wurde mit Kindern aus schwierigen sozialen Verhältnissen ua. Waisenkindern auch mehrere Umweltschutzaktivitäten wie zB Müllsammeln, Müllkunst oder das Planzen von Olivenbäumen realisiert. Über Videokonferenztechnik hatten die Kinder ferner Gelegenheit, sich mit Kindern aus anderen Kulturen (zB Deutschland, USA, etc.) auszutauschen und zu vernetzen.

Das Projekt wurde durch das Auswärtige Amt der Bundesregierung bzw ifa gefördert und von Radijojo umgesetzt.


© Wolfgang J. Fischer
© Wolfgang J. Fischer










Co-development of the media platform EUCHIRA (European Children's Radio) for Radijojo as well as realization of photo/video-documentaries and PR activities of media-pedagogical workshops u.a. in Belgrade / Serbia.


EUCHIRA - "European Children's Radio" is a transeuropean radio project for Kinder and youth, which was developed by Radijojo, a Berlin-based NGO for global learning and under patronage of chancelor Angela Merkel. EUCHIRA's goal is to provide children and young people with a media platform for an international exchange and own, self-produced content. Kickoff to this project was a media workshop on the Balkans in different locations in Serbia.


Function: development, project management, photo / video - producer and public relation officer



© Wolfgang J. Fischer
© Wolfgang J. Fischer











Radio workshop for German language students from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala at the Pasch Summercamp "Gemeinsam ohne Grenzen" in Portland / USA


Mediapedagogical workshop with German language students (from 7 different countries aged 16-17). Production of a live radio show including  various formats such as music, jingles, reports about violence in social media, weather news and an audio play. 


The project was hosted by the Goethe Institute.




© Wolfgang J. Fischer
© Wolfgang J. Fischer




Environmental radioworkshop with young people in Jakarta / Indonesia 


Media-pedagogical workshop in Jakarta with indonesian German language students from all over Indonesia like Aceh, Medan, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Denpasar, Malang, Mataram and Ambon. Production of German language radio formats to the themes environmental protection, sustainabilty and faire trade and globalization.

The project was realized for Radijojo and assigned by the Goethe Institute in Jakarta as well as the PASCH initiative of the federal foreign office in Germany. The project was designed to build capacities in media competence, environmental education and foreign language skills.


Function: photo / radio / blog producer, media educator


© Wolfgang J. Fischer
© Wolfgang J. Fischer




Bi-lateral radio workshops for young people in the USA and Germany. Topics Democracy and transatlantic relationships. "The Transatlantic School Initiative" /  Media-pedagogical qualification for German language teachers in the USA and English-language techers in Germany


Media pedagogical workshop with students from Berlin (6th grade). Production of radio formats about transatlantic issues, museum pedagogical content in regards to the museum of allies in Berlin (Alliiertenmuseum) and the German-American history. German-Texan Heritage Culture and further radio features to the topics violence, peace, immigration and emmigration, culture, art, opera (development of voice capacitiy), music etc.


The project is being supported by the federal ministry for economic affairs and energy ("The Transatlantic Program").


The project "The Transatlantic School Initiative" was developed and realized for 


Function: coordinator, media educator, photo / radio / blog producer.



© Wolfgang J. Fischer
© Wolfgang J. Fischer




Qualification of Educators, workshop with children in São Paulo / Brazil. Topic "Radio-based promotion of reading competencies"



Media-pedagogical training of educators, street workers, librabry managers and radio journalists to possibilities, how to use radio for the development and promotion of language and reading competencies. Realization of a workshop with children from the "Estadual Belkice Manhaes Reis" - school in Parelheiros / São Paulo, recording of a radio play of Hans-Christian Andersens "The Emperors New Clothes" in portugese language.


The project “O rádio como meio de promoção da capacidade de leitura para crianças e jovens”  was realized for the Goethe Institute in São Paulo in cooperation with IBEAC / LiteraSampa. 


Function: lecturer, workshop coordinator, photo / radio producer