Sustainability communication

Effective sustainability communication displays goal orientation while addressing the stakeholders of your organization. We support the realization of your sustainability goals with professional media services. our services include authentic photography, support in producing sustainability brochures and the production of information for the internet. For this we offer a variety of communication instruments. Starting with video- and photodocumentation, audioproduction and textbased work we offer a hands on service based on your individual needs. Please contct us for further information.


Projekt example reforesting of Inonesian rain forest

The following gallery illustrates the sustainable engagement of our client to support a reforesting project of a rain forest in a national park on Java Indonesia. Iillegal forestry lead to a drastic reduction of the tree population in a national park 2 hours off the city of Jakarta  and build a massive threat to the biodiversity. The goal of our client was to help improve the tree populaton with a participation in a reforesting project by adopting trees. The donated trees are identified with the name of its donors with a gps signal.  With the tree donations a local initiative to protect the forest from future illegal forestry is supported by helping to grow and plant new trees and also helping the local community to learn farming and by providing free farm land. We documented the journey of our client and her global sustainability activity with a photo story.